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Socks Proxy for dispatch e-mail
Socks the server is a unique opportunity of 100 % anonymously to send mail.
Socks Programs
ProxyGrab 0.6
The program for loading SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5 addresses from sites.
The base of sites with socks 4/5 addresses is on sale separately.
Quantity socks from 1500 up to 2700 pieces. Workers not everything, approximately from 200 up to 300 pieces.
The program is free-of-charge, but base of sites on which they are (socks4/5) paid. The base is collected by us personally and free of charge does not extend.
The base of these sites already is in a format of this program, to you only remains to make 3 clique and to load fresh socks 4/5
After loading lists socks it is necessary to keep them and to recheck still time program Anonymous Guest 4.20 as not everyone will be workers.
Cost of ready base c sites socks for this program - $ 100, and after purchase remains always yours. You can add any sites in the program
Do not wish to buy our base, search for these sites. The program is completely free-of-charge, swing and forward!
Anonymous Guest 4.20
Anonymous Guest is the software, that gives a full spectrum of opportunities to work with proxy servers. It allows you to be connected to the Internet and work with the remote server through a chain of SOCKS4, SOCKS5 and HTTPS proxy servers. You can test proxies on serviceability, determine their type and working speed. Supports interaction with Internet Explorer, Opera, Outlook Express, ICQ and other popular programs.
  Download       6,85 Mb
Charon 0.6
English versions and Russian
The excellent program for search and at once automatic check SOCKS on working capacity. Definition socks on ping, definition of the country, scans and collects lists socks as SOCKC 4; SOCKC 4,5; SOCKC 5
That the program scanned only socks it it is necessary to register in options. Now together with the English version, the Russian version is accessible also.
The basic opportunities:
Use of multilevel filtration IP of addresses to the address of, to port, a zone, the country, etc. the Expanded import and export of lists of a proxy-servers: support of work with the buffer of an exchange, work with lists of network scanners AngryIPScanner and Superscanner.
Check of a proxy-servers by means of RBL services
Automatic search of public lists of a proxy-servers by means of search systems. Does not demand installation. There is own base of sites of a proxy both built in checker socks and proxy HTTP, and as checker proxy-judges on foreign sites.
From myself I shall add, the program is better for leaving to scan for the night then having woken up in the morning you will find out decent quantity socks for work. And is even better in addition load program Anonymous Guest 4.20 located above and always recheck socks this program. Success in undertakings friends.
  Download       1,55 Mb
Socks Proxy Checker 1.02, Socks Proxy Checker 1.03
Программа Socks Proxy Checker предназначена для сканирования и проверки HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 proxy серверов на работоспособность. Socks Proxy Checker может проверять протоколы такие протоколы как HTTPS (CONNECT), SOCKS4 и SOCKS5. Загружает списки socks-proxy из текстовых и из HTML файлов. Проверяет списки Socks4/5 любого размера. Также программа может проверять socks-прокси на подключение к сетям IRC и к почтовым серверам.

Socks proxy supports https and high anonymity naturally, so you can use socks proxy to access all (http/https) websites such as craigslist, youtube and facebook. Read more about how to use socks proxy. In fact socks proxy is universal proxy for all your Internet activities while the ordinary (http) proxy can only be used for surfing. You can use socks proxy to anonymously send email by SMTP, transfer file by FTP, chat by IM/IRC software and play online game.
Socks Proxy Checker (SPC) can check socks proxy for the details such as speed, version, country, smtp, udp and whether gateway or dangerous. It can find the best socks proxy for you. Try it now (~570kb, Windows 98/2K/XP/Vista/Win7), there is no time limit.

  Download       1,19
Free Cap 3.18 Rus
Free Cap 3.18 Rus
The program for transparent connections through SOCKS a server.
It is known, that some programs are not able to work through a SOCKS-proxy directly, in this case FreeCap will render the invaluable help, is transparent sending all inquiries about connection on SOCKS a server.
Work through a chain of SOCKS-servers, and also direct connections on the certain ports works with SOCKS reports v4 and v5.
  Download       1,37 Mb
SocksCap 2.40
SocksCap 2.40
SocksCap - realization socks5 the client: allows practically to any program to work through socks5 a proxy.
Adjustment of program SocksCap is possible, the method drag&drop - for addition of appendices to which need to resolve Internet connection is supported, simply enough to drag their icons in window SocksCap. Management of start of the programs leaving in the Internet through socks5 a proxy is so simply executed also: for this purpose it is enough to press only the right button of the mouse on icon SocksCap which is being a system tray, and to choose the necessary program.
SocksCap is the free-of-charge program at noncommercial use.
  Downoload + Crack       2,35 Mb
ProxyFire Master Syite Free 1.22 (build 1003)
The rare program and in few places meets on the Internet. It is used spamers for search of lists socks. Long time it was inaccessible to the majority of users because of the complexity.
There is own base with sites from a proxy, at forums, sites and others the Internet pages. Does not demand installation. Huge potential and a heap of options!
Study and use!
  Download + Keygen       2,65 Mb
Widecap Full Version
WideCap - is system proxifier. It was created as `extended` version of FreeCap program. But WideCap IS NOT a branch or new FreeCap version.
* Security - you'll be in safe behind the proxy. Hackers and attackers will see the proxy's IP address but not your real. So your computer will be safe.
* Games - in cases when corporate policy restricts access to some Internet resources you can use WideCap and proxy to access forbidden resources such as on-line games, xxx sites and so on.
* Anonimity - One of the main Widecap's targets is keeping your anonimity in the Internet. In fact your IP address is providing more information as you may expect. So if you don't want to be recognized by MPAA or RIAA or even BigBrother™ you need WideCap.
* Cheap traffic utilization - In case when your ISP is providing cheap traffic and SOCKS proxy by the main "interface". Using the WideCap you can quickly connect your system to the Internet using SOCKS interface.
* Office tunneling - Using WideCap and SOCKS server installed on the gateway you can quickly deploy Internet access for the employes
Advantages of the WideCap:
System integration - WideCap is fully functional Winsock Service and Namespace provider. That means simply integration into your network subsystem. Forget about this ugly FreeCap's injection, needle to run all programs throught FreeCap, possible errors and incompatible with some firewalls and anti-viruses. WideCap acts as virtual network driver covering all your TCP/IP activity. No launchers - just run your program as usual and work via proxy.
New proxy engine - fully rewritten proxy engine taken from the FreeCap to handle reloading everything on-the-fly. No more program restarts after changing the proxy chain or Widecap configuration. Plus boosted perfomance with proxies handling.
  Download + Key       6,99 Mb

  Since Socks works directly with the TCP, it has nothing to do with modernization headers http-requests. Socks-server will transmit all data in its pure form from the first person - that is, from himself. In other words, we can say (using the terminology of http), that all Socks-servers "anonymous". Socks not transmit information about your IP-address, because it does not provide its technology. Accordingly, there is no set of problems. In addition, it does not transmit IP-address, it is natural, as was written above, do not upgrade http-headers, which means that the web-server is not in any way can not determine that you are using a proxy-server. For him, work with you to be absolutely identical, as if you were working directly with a web-server, with the only difference being that he would see a completely different IP-address, or more precisely, IP-address of the Socks-server.
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