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Dispatch of your announcements in Russian bulletin boards and the CIS
Automatic dispatch of announcements on Russia and the CIS
  In our base of 1800 electronic boards of the Russian Internet and the CIS  
  Dispatch is spent in automatic and semi-automatic modes including on boards with a spam-protection, demanding to enter a code of acknowledgement.  
  By estimations of analysts, dispatch of announcements on boards gives the big splash in visitings of sites and references in the company, promoting by means of the given dispatch.  
The maximum quantity of symbols on 85 % of boards is limited and makes a maximum of 500 symbols
  Take advantage of our counter of symbols for their exact definition   To open the counter of symbols
  Let's translate your text of the announcement on Russian free of charge.
The tariff plan
The price
That is included in the tariff
$ 25
  Dispatch of one announcement.
  Russia + CIS
$ 32
  Dispatch of one announcement.
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