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AMS Enterprise 2.7, AMS Enterprise 2.8, AMS Enterprise 2.9е
AMS Enterprise is more than just a mass mailer - it's a powerful tool for targeted and analyzed e-mail marketing. The program allows you to organize and fully automate all the mailing list management tasks. Beginning with creating and processing of 100% legitimate recipient lists, the program will guide you through composing highly personalized commercial messages, e-mail distribution process, and analysis of the advertisement campaign efficiency.
Attention! At loading on some archives with patch the Antivirus will probably swear. Disconnect an antivirus and load. It is usual reaction (algorithm of check of breaking) antiviruses on a crack. Otherwise at you can it is simple that will not be loaded without what it will be impossible to work.
No nocuous code is present. It is checked up personally, all works.
Language RU, EN
  Download + Key       10,46 Mb
    AMS Enterprise 2.7
  Download + Key       11,22 Mb
    AMS Enterprise 2.8
  Download + Key       12,67 Mb
    AMS Enterprise 2.9
E-pochta Mailer 4.25
Many of the mass mailing e-mail messages require the installation of e-mail client (eg, Outlook), as well as the mandatory use of external SMTP server. This significantly reduces the speed and ease of use. Critical may be the issue of mandatory use of an external SMTP server.
Unlike programs such mailing, ePochta Mailer works completely autonomously. It built a full-featured SMTP server directly sending e-mail message recipients mailing. This allows for absolute independence from the provider (any type of access to the Internet) and complete security of mass mailings: Provider can not trace the letters, sent the mailing program, as they are not stored on its mail server. Built-in SMTP server also provides high-speed messaging and independence of the problems on the server, because of which e-mail messages can be a long wait for their turn to send.
If direct mail is prohibited, ePochta Mailer may make delivery through external mail servers. The number of connected servers is unlimited.
Features ePochta Mailer:
* Built-in database management e-mail addresses, allowing to add new addresses, remove invalid, and so on;
* Internal SMTP server;
* Support for text and HTML formats, e-mail letters;
* Unlimited list of e-mail addresses.
And much more.
Language: RU, EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, PT
  Download + Key       6,44 Mb
    Full Version
K-ML 3.61.391 + ( K-ML 3.62.393 Portable - not demand installation)
K-ML - is the manager of e-mail messages. With this program you can easily work with large lists of contacts or customers and send them messages, tailored for each individual. Supports message in HTML format with images and sound, attachments, symbols, priority levels, etc. It can also be integrated into the site to subscribe online.
  Download + Key       5,44 Mb
    Full Version
Fast Mailer Pro 3.1
A simple but effective program for sending mass emails. Everything here is quite simple and straightforward. Load the program file to e-mail addresses for mailing, write the letter itself, you can make an attachment and send it off after a specified smtp server. The program can be put socks server for the installation of anonymity. Base recipients, you can be right in this program.
  Download + Key       2,98 Mb
    Full Version
Mail Bomber 9.0 + SMTP
The program is designed for e-mail campaigns with a list of addresses. The program allows you to create and manage mailing lists using the predefined templates. When using a local SMTP server and a simple dial-up connection, the program delivery at a speed of about 200 messages per minute.
  Download + Key       2,26 Mb
    Full Version
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